WinGPS™ Marine ver 2.84 App Download For Android/iOs

WinGPS™ Marine ver 2.84 App Download For Android/iOs

Waht is WinGPS™ Marine App

WinGPS Marine offers you modern, easy to learnnavigational tools for a safe trip. Long press on the chart to plotyour route. The GPS on board will show your exact location.Download the charts to your device and go boating offline with themost up-to-date charts. Connect your AIS via WIFI and preventpossible collisions.
Developed by Stentec for navigation on sailing and motor yachts,sloops and canoes at sea, tidal and inland waters. Ideal whenrenting or chartering a boat.

NEW [2017]
• Support for the waterways for the inland charts Western Europeand Donau with bridge-, locks and waterway information. With thisyou can plot and adjust your routes quickly, indicating anyobstacles. The names of the waterways and distances will be shownduring your trip.
• Smart labeling prevents overlapping text labels (with waterwaysalso) for an optimal chart image. Bridge and lock data will alwaysbe readable on Course Up rotating charts.

• Navigating on up-to-date charts of Stentec, Imray, NOAA andDelius Klasing.
• SD-card support for chart storage.
• Manage tracks, charts, routes and waypoints.
• NOAA World GRIB-files: wind, air pressure, rainfall andtemperature.
• Connect AIS and GPS via wirelesss WIFI or Bluetoothconnection.
• Prevent collisions with the speed vectors of the AIS ships.
• Man-overboard button helps to retrieve lost crewmembers.
• Chart moves along underneath centered GPS position. NorthUp,CourseUp (Marine) or HeadUp (Plus).
• Harmoniemodel KNMI with detailed weather predictions (Plus,Netherlands only)
• NOAA wave prediction at open sea (Plus, Worldwide)

When WinGPS Marine is installed for the first time, this will beWinGPS Marine Lite with limited functions. Ideal as a chart viewerwith GPS support.

After putchasing WinGPS Marine, you will unlock the fullcapabilities of your personal navigation system. You are now ableto plot routes, download GRIB files, save previous tracks andconnect AIS and GPS. Use the handy time table to view the predictedwind, rain, air pressure and AIS targets.
With the WinGPS Marine Plus upgrade, you will be able to connectadditional board instruments via wireless connection to you boardPC, multiplexer or AIS transponder. You can display current andtidal information in your data plotter or view it on the chart.Also, the advanced KNMI’s Harmonie weather model is supported aswell as the NOAA waves worldwide.
KUSTFIJN Getijmodel Rijkswaterstaat with two day wind dependedpredictions of currents, tides and water levels on the Waddenzee,Ijsselmeer, Markermeer, Randmeren and Zeeland. Red depth lineslimit the safe waterways depending on depth, tides and deviationsbecause of the wind.

When you start WinGPS Marine you will automatically see the(online) topographic default chart of ESRI. You can also turn onthe NOAA charts of the US and download the free world chart via theChart Manager

For safe navigation, you can purchase digital charts It’s also possible to purchase the charts in theapp or via Google Play™. Your charts can be installed on 3different devices. For example, on your Android tablet, phone andWindows laptop or computer.

Log in with your Stentec Account in the Marine app and download orupdate your purchased DKW2 charts in the Chart Manager.
For example, the popular DKW1800 series with weekly BaZ updates andthe NL Chart with biweekly updates. Our online shop offersup-to-date sea charts and all inland charts of Western Europaincluding the Donau.

With the DKW Builder (optionally), you can use scanned or BSBcharts to build your own DKW2 chart set. The new DKW2 charts can becopied to the DKW2 folder on your tablet via a USB cable to use thecharts in WinGPS Marine.

More information:

For improvement of the app we are very much interested in yourexperience and suggestions. Please send an e-mail [email protected]

WinGPS™ Marine ver 2.84 App Download For Android/iOs

WinGPS™ Marine Description & Feature

App Name WinGPS™ Marine
Package Name com.stentec.wingps_marine_lite
Version 2.84
Rating 4.0 ( 742 )
Size 11.7 MB
Requirement Android 3.1 and up
Updated 2018-01-19
Installs 100,000 - 500,000

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