RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) ver 1.0.7 App Download For Android/iOs

RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) ver 1.0.7 App Download For Android/iOs

Waht is RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) App

Super Booster & RAM Cleaner – New andFREE Phone Speedup application for Android. The software frees thememory to optimize the ram and speed up the phone with onetouch.

Phone Booster & Booster is a free Android app that cleans upRAM and manages phone applications. It helps you to increase yourphone memory and extend your phone’s battery life. When you useyour phone for long periods of time and you often experience aslow, lag-busting situation on your Android devices, you have toreboot your phone to get your phone running faster. With Speed​​Booster you will not have fear of slow or lag after a period ofuse. Phone cleaner and accelerator will make your phone runsmoother and faster by freeing up phone memory.

Speed ​​Booster will help your phone optimize CPU, RAM and memory,help speed up the phone faster and free up the ram memory toincrease the ram memory. It frees up and increases the amount ofram available for your device to boost the ram for android, makingyour phone run faster and more stable.

The mechanism of operation of Super Booster is that it will monitorthe process, the application running underground on your phone. Andwhen it detects that your device is using excessive RAM, SuperBooster & RAM Cleaner automatically closes unnecessaryapplications that are not needed to improve the performance of yourdevice.

Especially for gamers, the Gamer Booster + feature is indispensableon your phone. Gamer Booster + accelerates and optimizes games fora great gaming experience. Download the application to remove theram right to use.

Not only helps speed up the android phone, but Super Booster with”Application Management” helps the manager of games, applicationson his phone. Especially, this feature also suggests to users theapplications that can be “disabled” to increase the efficiency ofthe phone to help speed phone calls fast.


– Free up 50% more memory than most similar applications
– Forcing closing of memory consumption on unused applications,frees more memory to speed up mobile devices, more stable.
– Close applications running underground to cool the phone
– Supports application optimization, game acceleration
– Supports ram testing, ram management
– Help me to love my battery
– Intelligent application management
– One touch to accelerate and transform complex activities becomessimple and effective;
– Booster + makes smart acceleration.
– Free (with ads)

Download the phone speeding software on your phone to use andevaluate the 5 * Super Booster & RAM Cleaner application tosupport your developer.

RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) ver 1.0.7 App Download For Android/iOs

RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) Description & Feature

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