MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE ver 3.1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE ver 3.1.0 App Download For Android/iOs


Are you missing the deprecated functions inGoogle Maps for Android to view and manage your own points ofinterest (MyMaps)? Are you searching for an app to put yourpictures on a map? Take MAPinr.

MAPinr is a simple (ad-free) Android app that allows you to manageyour kml/kmz/gpx files and view them on different maps. MAPinr isperfect for professional use but also hiking, cycling, running,skiing, etc.

Please let us know your problems and ideas on how to improveMAPinr ([email protected]). Don’t be rude just becausewe do not provide some functionality you were looking for. Insteaddrop us an email.

MAPinr provides the following functionality:
1. Ad free / No ads
2. Hierarchical folder structure for managing multiple kml/kmz/gpxfiles
3. Create, load, edit, save, import, export and share kml/kmzfiles
4. Create, load, edit, save, import, export and share waypoints,lines/tracks and polygons
5. Add pictures to your waypoints (to create photomaps)
6. Display waypoints, lines/tracks and polygons on different maps(Google Maps, Google Satellite, Google Hybrid, OpenStreetMap (OSM),Opentopomap, Mapquest, Opencyclemap, OVI)
7. Share coordinates of waypoints
8. Individually colorize waypoints, lines/tracks and polygons
9. Open exported kml/kmz files in Google Earth
10. Search by name, address and coordinates
11. Location-sharing to let your friends know where you are
12. Display multiple kml/kmz/gpx files simultaneously
13. Merge kml/kmz files
14. Google drive (gdrive) integration
15. Measure distances and areas on your map
16. Multilanguage (currently English, Spanish, Lithuanian)

Extended features (For free with donation or like on Facebook or G;activate in Settings):
1. Download maps for free / Offline maps (openstreetmap)
2. GPX viewer
3. Display arbitrary map data using Web Map Service (WMS), e.g.,Opendata from
4. Create custom metadata
5. Upload and use custom icons
6. Record GPS tracks

Compared to related apps MAPinr will not sniff into your privatedata or even sell it. It requires the following permissions:
• Approximate location / precise location: Required to show yourcurrent location on the map. MAPinr also works with GPS fullydeactivated.
• Modify or delete / read the contents of your USB storage:Required for storing and loading kml/kmz files and photos.
• Access Google Photos: Required to add photos from Google Photosto a waypoint.
• Access to the camera to add pictures to the pins(photopoints).
• Read Google service configuration: Required for map access.
• Full network access: Required for downloading map data from theInternet.
• In app purchase for donations (Please note that donations are afree contribution to support our work. Since we DO NOT track/storeidentifying data from our users donations made on one device do notunlock the features on an another device.)

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MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE ver 3.1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

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