Koi – Aquarium ver 1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

Koi – Aquarium ver 1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

Waht is Koi - Aquarium App

Have you ever imagined to have a realaquariumin your smartphone or tablet? Now, you can touch Koi fishon thescreen of your smartphone as it to be the real water surfaceinyour personal aquarium! Download this amazing “live wallpaper”andenjoy personal aquarium in your smartphone.

Watch Koi happily explore their pond! Colourful fish andbeautifulbackgrounds make Koi – Aquarium better than the realthing! Koi -Aquarium – free “live wallpaper” with parallax effectthatsimulates water ripples and water drops on the surface.Amazingfree live wallpaper with colourful koi fishes. Touch thescreen toadd water drops on your home screen!

A marvellous 3D live wallpaper that instantly reshapes yourmobilescreen into an incredibly beautiful, ultra-realistic waterpondfull of spiritual koi fish! Use finger gestures to createstunning,velvet smooth water ripples and water waves that areunbelievablytrue! Watch adorable koi fish happily exploring yourpond! Feed ortease these naughty koi fish with your fingers to makethemhappier! Choose among a rich set of fantastic naturalscenes,almost every pixel has been polished deliberately just foryouramusement!

Have you always wanted to scuba dive and look at thecolourfulfishes underwater? Congratulations, now you have thisopportunitywith this amazing live wallpaper.

Japanese koi – very unusual and beautiful fish. It is not foundinthe wild and bred specifically for the maintenance inornamentalponds and aquariums. Koi is famous because of itsunusualcolour.

The history of koi has more than 2000 years. From the areasadjacentto the Caspian Sea, these Koi fishes were first brought toChina(which is where they were called “koi”), and Chineseinvadersbrought koi fishes to Japan. First Japanese farmers bred itforconsumption – in some regions koi carp was the staple food.Thecolour of some fishes was unusually bright, so they were noteatenand were kept in the house as a decoration. This livewallpaper isperfect for all flora and fauna lovers.

Bright and colourful koi fish actually belong to one of thesubtypesof common carp home. This subspecies is especially popularin Japan,called brocaded carp. Japanese feudal lords in the olddays withpleasure ran them in their home ponds and boastedfamiliar. Toinclude only those koi fish that received at least sixgenerationsof breeding and have bright colouring specificconfiguration. Themost attractive colours include red, white,yellow, orange.

Beautiful bright koi fish prized for proportional to bodysize,smooth fins, the presence of well-stained spots. In this case,foreach of the 16 subspecies koi there are requirements to be metbysolar fish.

Would like to see the most beautiful koi fish? There isnothingeasier and now you do not need to go to Japan to admirethesebeautiful creatures. Just download our app “Koi -Aquarium”,install it and you will see on the screen of your tabletorsmartphone pretty constantly changing picture.

Watching fishes is very relaxing. Studies show that the sightoffish swimming quietly in their aquatic home lowers respirationandpulse rates, reduces tension, and provides relief from thestressesof our busy lives. Wait no more, download Koi – Aquariumand enjoygreat fish pictures on your screen. Beautiful wallpapersandfantastic screen savers are waiting for you! This amazing newappoffers you free screen savers and wonderful mobile wallpapersofkoi fishes. Download these magnificent free livewallpapers.Wonderful fish images will make you happy. Coolbackgrounds are aclick away from you.

Make your phone look like the most beautiful aquarium in theworld!Enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water, sea animals andexoticfish with “Koi – Aquarium” free app for Android™. Now youfinallycan have your own fish tank that you can take with youwherever yougo. Do don’t wait too long, beautify your home screenwith the bestanimated backgrounds now for free!

Koi – Aquarium ver 1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

Koi - Aquarium Description & Feature

App Name Koi - Aquarium
Package Name com.appini.koi
Version 1.0
Rating 4.3 ( 44 )
Size 1.7 MB
Requirement Android 2.3 and up
Updated 2018-01-15
Installs -

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