ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management ver 4.0.4 App Download For Android/iOs

ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management ver 4.0.4 App Download For Android/iOs

Waht is ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management App

With ImperiHome, control your home automationsystems and connected objects from a single and highly customizableinterface.
No need for a central server or dedicated setup. The applicationdirectly connects to your systems using APIs and allows you toremotely interact with all your devices.

Currently, ImperiHome is able to connect to:
– Philips Hue (lighting system)
– Nest smart devices (Thermostat, Protect, Nest Cam Indoor)
– Sonos speakers (Wireless multi-room speakers by Sonos)
– Fitbit health and fitness trackers
– Netatmo (Weather Station, Thermostat, Welcome and PresenceCameras)
– Nokia Health (activity trackers, scales, blood pressuremonitors)
– LIFX light bulbs (WiFi smart lighting system by LIFX)
– YeeLight (WiFi connected light bulbs)
– Wink (smart-home controller)
– Vera, VeraLite, Vera Edge (ZWave controller by Micasaverde / VeraControl) UI5, UI6 and UI7
– Tellstick Net/ZNet (smart-home controller by Telldus)
– Z-Way based smart-home hubs (RaZberry, POPP hub, WesternDigital…)
– Jawbone UP (activity trackers)
– Netatmo (Weather Station, Thermostat, and Welcome Camera byNetatmo)
– MyFox Home Alarm (connected alarm system by MyFox)
– Logitech Harmony hub-based remotes
– Musaic connected HiFi players
– Xee (connected car by Eliocity)
– Kodi (Media center software, formerly known as XBMC)
– Legrand EcoCompteur (Electricity consumption counter byLegrand)
– Parrot Flower Power (plant sensor by Parrot)
– Fibaro Home Center 2 (home automation controller by Fibaro)
– Myfox Home Control 2 (security and home control system)
– Koubachi Plant Sensor
– LightManager (Controller by JBMedia)
– ZiBase (Multi-protocol controller by Zodianet)
– JPEG/MJPEG IP cameras
– eedomus (ZWave controller by Connected Object)
– IPX800v3 and IPX800v4 (Relay controller by GCE Electronics)
– Eco-Devices (Teleinfo energy counter by GCE Electronics)
– Zipabox (Multi-protocol controller by Zipato) / Cameras andsecurity features not yet supported
– Systems implementing the ISS API (ImperiHome StandardSystem)
– … more will come!

At home using your wall-mounted tablet or outside using yoursmartphone, take benefit of ImperiHome features to control yoursmart home the way you want:
– fast and responsive user interface
– voice recognition
– NFC tags actions
– charts module
– customizable dashboards with smart widgets (limited in freeversion)
– Android shortcuts
– local or remote network auto detection
– layouts for both smartphones and tablets
– several options to fine-tune the application
– import/export preferences (only in pro version)
– Sony SmartWatch2 integration
– Automatic wake-up using front camera move detection. WARNING:this feature is highly dependent on the type of device and camera.We can’t guarantee it will work wit all devices.
– Tasker Plugin (pro version only)
– REST Control API (pro version only)
– Android Wear support (voice commands and camera viewing)

This is the free version of ImperiHome. Unlock pro features byinstalling also the ImperiHome Pro Unlocker:

Check out more on ImperiHome website ( contact us at [email protected] should you encounter anyissue.

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Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management ver 4.0.4 App Download For Android/iOs

ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management Description & Feature

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