Arowana Fish Gallery ver 1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

Arowana Fish Gallery ver 1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

Waht is Arowana Fish Gallery App

If you are planning to keep arowana fish tobea pet at home, but do not know where to start, no need toworrythat with this article can help you in choosing and how tocare forarowana fish already owned.

First, you need to know which type of arowana fish is best foryouto keep. Which has the cheapest price and the easiest inthetreatment is the type of silver Arowana fish. Arowana silverfishcan be easily found in ornamental fish sellers, this type offishcan grow as long as 100 cm. Other types of arowana fish that isnotlost is the type of black brazil arwana, in the wild this typeoffish can also grow like arowana silver, but if in captivity itisrare.

Arwana is the most sought after is arowana golden, this type offishis one that is very popular among hobbyists, because itisconsidered to bring good luck, especially in terms ofbusiness.Because arwana type golden is in the protected list, youhave to bea little careful in buying it, make sure that you havethepermission and documents required to maintain it.
Now let’s discuss about taking care of arowana fish that youhavebought. Because arowana fish can grow up to 1 meter long, alargeshelter is required with approximately 300 liters of water,this isso that arowana fish can swim freely in the aquarium.

Arowana fish include active swimmers and they need enough roomtochange position and move in the aquarium. In addition arowanafishare known to jump up to 2 meters if in the wild, so itisrecommended aquarium is given a cover, this is to preventarowanafish jumping and landing on the floor, of course this isanunwanted thing is not. In addition, you must prepare afilterwhich, in order to keep the water clean and not dirty. Tryarowanafish is not united with other fish that if can be eaten byhim,because in the wild arowana fish including predatoryfish.

For good arowana fish food given is a form of insects,becausearowana fish including carnivorous animals. Other foods inthe formof pellets must sometimes be given, in order for variationsin thefeeding. But if they like it, if only like the food of lifedo notbe forced to give pellets.

Arowana Fish Gallery ver 1.0 App Download For Android/iOs

Arowana Fish Gallery Description & Feature

App Name Arowana Fish Gallery
Package Name com.ArowanaFishGallery.helena
Version 1.0
Rating 5.0 ( 1 )
Size 5.5 MB
Requirement Android 2.3 and up
Updated 2017-10-18
Installs 100 - 500

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